When couples have lived together for some time, it takes planning for the relationship to continue to grow and not become stale or boring. Learning something new together can help; for example, taking dance lessons, cooking lessons or joining a book club gives a couple a new challenge and shared experience. Spontaneity cannot always be relied on to create new activities or repeat past pleasures. Scheduling a ‘date night’ once a week can be very satisfying. Sometimes scheduling a ‘sex night’ can be fun. One couple I worked with scheduled a ‘nature day’ once a week to day travel and enjoy nature together.

Remembering to express appreciation when the other person does something especially thoughtful is a good habit to cultivate. It helps us not to take the other person for granted. Accepting the other persons’ imperfections is important to keep things in right perspective and to focus on the ‘good’. A Relationship Coach can help you create a more dynamic and upbeat relationship so that you can live with more love, enthusiasm and harmony in your life.

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