Women are programmed to be care givers, to take care of partners, children, aging parents, the home etc. They often put the well-being of others before themselves and can find themselves “last on the list.” If a woman does not take care of her whole self, mind, body and spirit she will get a “knock”; for example, a headache to remind her that she is neglecting herself. If she does not examine what is not working for her, or causing stress, she may get a stronger knock in the form of a worse physical or emotional pain. If she continues to ignore these “signs” she may later get hit by a “two by four”, i.e. a more serious problem.

A Personal Coach can help you examine your life and assist you to balance and meet your physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual needs. You do not have to wait to get hit with a “two by four”. Personal Life Coaching can help you make positive changes and live a more balanced and happier life.

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